A reverie in Provence

Close your eyes and think of Provence. What landscape comes to mind? What feelings do you have at the mere mention of this region? For most of us, it is the lavender fields that materialise under the summer sun. The characteristic smell of these flowering bushes saturates the warm air, singing insects communicate out of sight. It is this idyllic vision that Daniel Sannier paints in his canvas “Lavender fields under the Provence sun”.

This landscape bathed in light leaves no room for emptiness. The lavenders colonise the rocky ground, while the olive trees soar towards the clear sky. In the background, the mountains stand proudly and call out to hikers. In the heart of the valley, a traditional village has settled. Its softly coloured farmhouses are made of stone and terracotta tiles. Formerly farms, these typical dwellings offer shade and coolness. They welcome walkers looking for a change of scenery and rest in one of the hottest regions in France.

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