Who am I?

peinture pommier 80x80

Daniel Sannier is a French painter. His paintings are largely inspired by the seascapes of the Baie de Somme. He is also inspired by the lavender landscapes of Provence and the Loberon

It was while travelling through the landscapes of Provence on his motorbike that he discovered the beauty of the lavender fields and that made him want to paint them. This in order to share this dive in the “ocean” of lavender fields swept by the mistral. 
His paintings are designed and staged to make you want to immerse yourself in them, to discover the landscapes that he himself has travelled through on foot, by bike or by motorbike. You will always find a foreground that attracts the eye, then a background that makes you want to “enter” the painting, and finally details, in the background, which are not necessarily immediately noticeable, but which make you want to stay there.

Nature, what could be more beautiful in these difficult times. To look at a landscape and think nothing can be my motto. So, enter my paintings and come and recharge your batteries.

Some of the artist's paintings...